Photography Missions

Photography has always been a God led mission for me. When I had this feeling to pursue it back in 2015 I 100% resisted. I knew nothing about photography. I had an entry level camera that I called my mom camera. I got it for Christmas to be the typical mom at the zoo and park taking an obnoxious amount of pictures. But that summer of 2015, all of that changed. I prayed hard. When my questions were answered, I shook it off and prayed again JUST to make sure. When those questions were answered once again I dove into learning. I studied, asked questions, watched 100s of youtube videos and grabbed cheat sheets off Pinterest to learn manual mode. I examined lenses, what they did and how to use them.

In September of 2015 I did my first model calls. All of these sessions were 100% free and they all knew I was doing this as a trial run. The images turned out okay. I shot them all in manual to my best ability. That night after they were done, lightly edited and posted I prayed one more time. Okay God I will do this and allow you to lead me. Let me use this for good. And that is where the mission all began.

My main mission was to just to help. Help anyone I could and gift them with sessions but it wasn’t always easy. I had NO idea where to look, who to target or how to even approach people without it sounding off the wall and not rude. I reached out to a well known photographer from my hometown and asked for her assistance. She was extremely helpful and later the summer of 2016 I was able to watch a full fantasy shoot event for childhood cancer by her foundation, Be the Change, Brandy Angel Foundation. Y’all, it was LIFE CHANGING. I knew that THIS is why photography was placed into my life. Im fortunate enough to still be able to help with those events which has been such a huge blessing and experience for me. It has grown my passion for helping.

Right now my photography missions covers a wide variety of good people. Anna Glass Photography offers free photography services to cancer patients, survivors and their families, organ donors and transplant recipients, foster children and families, adoptions, rainbow babies, infant loss, special needs families and just awesome people doing good in the world. I want to be the one to capture the sensitive moments, the intimate ones that sometime get overlooked. I want to allow families to live in the moments whether they are great ones or someones last ones. I want to be the light WITHIN the tunnel exposing lifes wonderfully made moments. I want to freeze time for these families and give them a small piece to hold onto. I want to be a little bit of light that Jesus shines and wants us to be so that all people can know they are wonderfully made in HIS image regardless of circumstance.

Over the past year, successful give what you can sessions and donate only mini sessions have raised over $600 that go straight to a mission, deserving family in need or a ministry doing great things in the community.

How can YOU help? If you know a deserving family or individual, send them my way! I personally review every submission and personally get to know the families involved. You can send them to

You can also buy a logo tee where $5 of each purchase goes to funding these missions! Click the link! ANNA GLASS LOGO TEE


(The moment that changed it all for me!!)