Kambrey, Warrior Princess

I have been following Kambrey’s story since birth. She lives in my hometown and if you live in Madison, you probably have encountered this little sweetheart that seems to steal everyones hearts. Her story is full of warrior attitude and undying love from her parents. She has more than beat the odds stacked against her and continues to achieve things beyond belief. Kambrey’s story has always inspired me. Her moms story of fighting for Kambrey has inspired me even more. Although I have been following her for years, I recently was able to interact and grab a few pictures of Kam. Y’all, I LOVE HER! Her laugh is contagious, the sass is strong and the joy she brings is unmatched.

I asked her mom, Kristin, if she would be willing to share the story behind Kambrey and finding out about her diagnosis. She didn’t hesitate and opened right up about the battles that went along with it. What I love about Kam’s story the most is that her parents fought for her from day one. Nothing, especially a diagnosis, would stand in their way of giving Kambrey the best life possible. Let me say, that is exactly what they are doing. Seeing her mom interact with her there is nothing but love, encouragement and hope. Kambrey is an inspiration and loved by so many. I was more than HONORED to be the one to share her story. Now at two years old, Kambrey is going above and beyond what doctors ever thought could happen. Keep scrolling for sweet pictures of Kam and the story shared straight from her mom.


(Insert from her mom, Kristin):

“Finding out we were pregnant with Kambrey was like most pregnancies, unplanned and a surprise. With the support of our family and friends the excitement began. It started off with all the joys of the first trimester brings. Morning and night sickness. We saw her at 9 weeks on the ultrasound just a sweet little peanut. All was well until our anatomy scan at 19 weeks. The ultrasound tech got all her measurements. Everything was right on track. Kambrey had her head down very low and the tech said she was getting a smaller number than average but it was probably due to how low her head was. There didn’t seem to be much concern. After she was finished she told us to hang around for a minute. The doctor came in and told us she was sending us to a specialist just to double check the measurements just to be safe. Of course we were all nervous and impatient to see what the specialist would say. A couple of days later we had our appointment the doctor did Kambrey’s measurements again and he said yes her head is measuring small but it’s not the size of the head it’s what’s in it – and she has all the parts. We felt so relieved and a huge weight was lifted. He wanted us to come back in 6 weeks for a follow up. During that time we baby prepped- registered at babies r us, painted her room and planned showers. At the follow up appointment we met with a different doctor this time. She was blunt and to the point. She measured Kambrey and her words were “there is a problem and it’s a major one- microlissencephaly”. Of course we had never heard of it and she told us the outcome would not be good. At all. She scheduled us for a fetal MRI 2 days later at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. The next 2 days later were filled with tears and lots of google searches. We had the MRI done and were sent to a closet size room to wait for the pediatric neurologist to come and read the results. She confirmed Kambrey did have microlissencephaly and it was ‘severe’. We were told she would never walk, talk, sit up, eat or breathe on her own. If she were to make it to birth she would be a vegetable. We asked where do we go from here. She replied with ‘termination’. We were 26 weeks along with a baby girl we had already fell in love with, who flipped, turned. Kicked and punched 24/7. There was no way we could take her advice. The ride home no one said a word. We cried and cried for days and weeks to come. We finally decided who are these doctors to say our baby would and wouldn’t do things. Yes they are smart but they aren’t God. Our community was immediately so supportive and we had so many praying for our little girl. We just wanted to give our little girl the best life possible if she were to live for 2 seconds, 2 days or 100 years. We tried to put her diagnosis on the back burner and enjoy the pregnancy and what we had left with her. We told the specialist at 33 weeks we wouldn’t be back we didn’t care to hear their negativity anymore of what ‘they’ thought was wrong with her. At 36 weeks we had a normal OB appointment other than high blood pressure- which was expected in our case. So we scheduled a c-section the next week. Still at this point we were preparing for the worst and praying for the best. February 4th, 2015 the waiting room was full of out loved ones and their nerves. Many, many prayers were being said for Kambrey and us as the decisions we were told we would have to make right after her birth. At 8:41 am we heard her cry- the first thing she was never supposed to do. The NICU doctors and nurses worked quickly to examine her. The NICU doctor then took his gloves off and said he was not needed. Confused as to what this meant… Kambrey was breathing on her own! All her vitals were perfect. We held her and kissed her. Still unsure if we were out of the the woods. Cody went with her to the NICU to get a bath and measured. She was doing great! They brought her into recovery so I could hold her. The doctor came in and said she was as stable. And that who is he to say how long she is to live or even a healthy child to live. Just take her home and love her every minute. That night in the NICU she ripped out of feeding tube and was able to drink from a bottle! She’s been in control of us ever since! A week later we brought her home with us. She was breastfeeding and doing wonderful. She was the most perfect thing. The first year of her life we had hospital stays from viruses but she always surprised all of her doctors with how tough and sweet she was. It’s not always easy but she is so worth it. Her smile will melt everyone’s heart she meets. She’s determined to get around. She laughs. She sits up. She tried to stand. She’s seizure free. She’s so beautiful. We never even think that she’s different from other kids. She’s ours and we wouldn’t trade her for the world. With love and prayer all things are possible.”


14 thoughts on “Kambrey, Warrior Princess

  1. Just an amazing story- she’s beautiful! I was counseled to terminate and didn’t any my daughter came out fine too! Just think if we had listened to the medical staff? Enjoy your warrior princess!


  2. My name is Kristin and my daughter’s name is Kambry! We will think of you often and pray for you always! πŸ™‚


      1. This story really hit home for me, a few years back I was doing home health care, and got assigned to a young couples home to take care of their (at that time 6 yr old) daughter. I’m not real sure what the medical name was for her condition but she was born with only a brain stem, and when I saw your beautiful daughter all I could think of was Mckalia. Reading your story took me back to the day that Lindsey (the mother) told me the hole story about her pregnancy and it sounded so much like yours, she too was told the best thing to do would be to abort the preg. that the child would not live long, well thank God they decided to do as you did and I was blessed to have known her. She really touched my life, taught me to look at things differently than I always had,strengthened my faith,hope, and beliefs, and filled my heart with love and compassion. Unfortunaetly McKalia passed away shortly after her 8th birthday, it hurt so much to let her go,but also filled my heart with so much love. I think of her often and tell many about her story and short journey in life. This child gave so much more to me than anyone could ever know, I learned to not be judgemental (those who judge don’t matter, and those who matter don’t judge!), I learned to believe ( God our creator can do anything, and all things, we just must BELIEVE), and love …I loved this little girl so much, she brought much joy to my life and helped me see things a little different. For her short time with us I will always be forever thankful and truly greatful. Kristin I applaud you and your decision. You have a BEAUTIFUL daughter, and I know she will bring you many blessings. Continue to let God be the guide in your life, He will never lead us wrong! Please give Kambry a big hug for me. Blessings and prayers!!

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  3. Wow! What an inspiring story of faith, hope, and love!! THIS is true love!! What a beautiful little girl and such a precious story from her mommy! Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy, on your little bundle of joy!!πŸ’—πŸ•ŠπŸ’—


  4. What a sweet baby girl and an amazing story! Kristen, you and your family ‘s faith is a true testament of God’s grace and glory. Thank you for spreading the word of His awesome faithfulness! Prayers and blessings to you and your wonderful little family.


  5. Our daughter, Mindy, had told us about your daughter’s birth. When our grandson, Davis, and Kristen married as I came up to go in the church you were sitting on the steps holding Kambrey. The most beautiful little girl with the prettiest curls. I believe God knows exactly who the perfect parents are for His little ones. I pray His sweetest blessings for your family.


  6. Kambrey is absolutely beautiful, I love her smile. God made her and she is perfect. God Bless Kambrey and you and your husband. I loved your story, it really touched me…


  7. It blessed my heart so much to see Kambrey’s beautiful pictures and to hear she is doing so well. We learned about her through Kambrey’s aunt who taught with my daughter in Swainsboro. Our church began to pray for your family as soon as we heard about the results of your tests and your wonderful decision not to terminate your pregnancy . I thought of you today and asked my daughter if she knew how things were going, and she found this sight for me. Your family is a true blessing for so many and I will continue to send up prayers for your beautiful family.


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